Ways to Stay Motivated with your Physical Therapy Exercises

Need help/motivation to do physio exercises? Here are our top tips.

Guest article

It’s hard to stick to physio exercises so here are ways to help.

Specific exercises can be important for dealing with health problems.  Whether it is core exercises to help prevent low back pain, quads exercises to strengthen around the knees or a range of other bodily improvements which can be made through practice.  Unfortunately, we all have busy lives and remembering to do these exercises can be hard.  At www.purephysio.co.nz we wanted to help people achieve their health goals through exercise so we created a cool infographic.

Improving your health through exercise is a key part of rehabilitation.  We all have natural potential which can be unleashed through regular practice.  Your muscles can grow larger, your balance reactions can speed up and the activation of your muscles can be fine tuned so that pain you suffer can be eliminated and problems which have resolved can be prevented from returning.

Top tips:

  • Today, our phones and computers are fantastic tools that can remind us when to do our exercises.  There are special apps out there but just setting alarms can be really useful.
  • Human beings are typically creatures of habit. Attaching the exercises to a part of your existing routine can help you remember to do them. For example,  you might start doing your exercises while the kettle boils or during the ads of your favourite show.
  • Putting equipment your exercises require in a convenient place or organising space so you can complete your exercises safely removes a potential barrier to doing your exercises.

Healthcare professionals who recommend specific exercises

Chiropractors, osteopaths or doctors who recommend exercises have Pure Physio’s permission to print this out and use it as a poster or leaflet.  If you save the image and use it on your website all I ask is you put a link back to this blog post and/or www.purephysio.co.nz as the original source.

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