Ten Tips to Shrink Your Grocery Bill and Waistline

Guest article provided by: Talancia Pea, Certified Personal Trainer at Every1Moves


Grocery shopping can be an overstimulating experience for some. Perhaps it is the fluorescent lighting and colorful displays, but we easily loose focus of our grocery shopping budget and meal plans. We began filling our carts with items that may stretch our spending and waistlines. It is a new year and time for a restart! 

You can start incorporating nutrient-dense foods and save money by incorporating ten simple tips when grocery shopping. You soon will be on a path towards achieving your financial and wellness goals!


Stick to Your Budget to Save More


Plan Ahead: Know your grocery budget and prepare a list of items you would like to purchase before entering the store. This will help you to avoid buying more food than you need and potentially wasting later. Only buy what is needed to prepare healthy meals.


Try Coupons and Savings Apps: Whether you prefer clipping paper coupons or scrolling an mobile app, coupons are an easy and convenient way to save money. You also can check the store’s sales advertisements before you shop to familiarize yourself with the deals of the week.


Shop the Deals: Buy one, get one items give you more of the products you like and want for the cost of one. You may have to be flexible in your choices, but you will spend less.


Skip on Big Brands: Swap popular big-name brands for store brand products. Oftentimes, they all include similar ingredients. Browse clearance shelves and discontinued items to save more.


Shop Alone Whenever You Can: Eliminate distractions to be focused on your meal plan and minimize purchasing goodies that may be tempting later. Spouses and children sometimes suggest items you had not accounted for in your shopping trip.


Never Shop “Hangry”: If you are shopping “hangry” (hungry + angry), you are more likely to buy extra snacks and treats. We are more impulsive and less likely to make logical choices when we are hungry.


Fruits and Vegetables for Less: Purchase fresh produce in season to save money. Out-of-season produce will cost more as they are less available with increased customer demand.


Buy Multi-Use Ingredients: Pass on single-use specialty ingredients to lower your grocery bill. Rather, choose foods you can include in multiple recipes. For instance, fresh and frozen fruits are great in smoothies, desserts and as snacks. 


Choose Plants Over Meats: Beans and grains are comparably high in protein as most meats, and they cost significantly less. Even adopting #MeatlessMonday saves you money, spares animals and preserves the planet’s natural resources.


Consider Pick-up and/or Delivery Options: If you are tempted to overspend or pick-up unhealthy foods, consider trying your local grocery store’s pick-up and delivery options, then you are sure to receive only the items you need to prepare and cook nutritious meals at home.


With some planning and preparation, you can began saving money while enjoying delicious and nutritious meals. It is indeed possible to be wealthy in your health and wallet!


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